What's your Style?

7:48 AM

I love getting to know friends and clients and helping them discover what their design style is. However, I've always had a hard time figuring out my own style. When I was studying the history of design and architecture I thought that I'd found my favorite style but then I moved on to the next period and each time, of course, I knew that this style was definitely my favorite. Needless to say, I find things in every style that I absolute LOVE, but narrowing it down to one single style is nearly impossible.

One thing that I think is just fantastic is the juxtaposition of classic historical styles with modern and abstract ones. It's both tried, true and comfortable, while being novel and fresh at the same time.

Philippe Stark's "Louis Ghost Chair" is the quintessential piece in this design combination. My husband would agree that I'm just a bit obsessed with this chair. But really, there isn't a better chair to illustrate my point. It fits perfectly into any setting, whether it's ultra modern or French Renaissance. The chair itself is just that - a blending of two completely different designs. A modern remix of the classic Louis XV armchair.

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