Hello!  My name is Allyson Nielsen.  I'm an Interior Designer and a Food Enthusiast.  Food and Design are both passions of mine and sometimes I can't decide which one I enjoy more.  I'm from Montana, but I've lived all over the world, picking up design ideas, recipes, and lots of inspiration along the way. 

I'm a firm believer that  good design and good food go hand-in-hand.  With a little bit of good design, our homes can become a place of peace - a refuge from the storms and beatings of everyday life - a place where we know everything will be ok.  Pair that with delicious and wholesome food, and you've got yourself a little piece of heaven.

Right now I'm finishing up my last year of school, working on a BS in Home and Family Living and Interior Design, but I'm also doing some freelance designing on the side.  I love seeing people's eyes light up when a project comes together, and watching the change come that good design always brings to people's lives.

When it comes to food, I love trying new recipes as well as creating my own.  I'm a sucker for desserts, but that doesn't mean I don't thoroughly enjoy other dishes just as much.  I have an ever-growing collection of cookbooks from my travels and I love discovering a new cooking technique or great recipe in them.

If you have any questions, comments, special requests, or want to share a project you're doing (or anything else) please email me at allyson@dishesanddesigns.com


Marcos and Angela said...

allyson, you are my dream come true. i need to start learning recipes and home decorating is a must for all women! i found one of my new fav. blogs. thank you!

Allyson said...

Thanks Angela - you're such a dear! :) I'm glad you enjoy it. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or requests for recipes or design stuff.

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