12 Days of Cookies - 2010

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 I grew up in a home where both of my parents enjoy cooking - and they're good at it too!  We moved around a lot and our Christmas traditions varied, depending on where we lived.  When we moved to Montana, we started a new tradition that I absolutely love.  We each choose a few recipes and then on Christmas Eve we spend the whole day cooking and baking, making all sorts of hors d'œuvres, many of which you might consider an amuse-bouche.  Once everything is done, we lay it all out and spend the evening eating all the yummies, playing games and watching fun Christmas movies. 

This year I don't get to go home for Christmas - we're spending it with my in-laws.  So in keeping with my family tradition, for the holiday season, I've decided to post 12 Days of Cookies (and maybe some decorating ideas as well).  Some of these recipes are family favorites, while others are new recipes I've been wanting to try.

Tell me about your holiday traditions!  Do you have a favorite recipe that you make every year?  What about some fun decorating ideas?

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Day 12: Pumpkin Cookies

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