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I've always hated the idea of buying something "just for now," especially if it's something I'm going to need later on and might want it to look different. For example, when I got married and was choosing my bed linens, I had the hardest time spending money on anything because I wasn't sure if I was going to want the same colors in a few months, especially when living for short periods of time in apartments. I spend a large part of my time in my kitchen and I've been thinking a lot about kitchen design recently. 

When I'm designing a room, I really like to have something to base the feel and color scheme of a room on, whether it be a picture, a piece of furniture, or really anything else. Well, what better thing to base a kitchen on than food? One thing I've discovered while living in a small apartment with an even smaller kitchen, is that a clean, well-organized kitchen is crucial. When my kitchen is clean and organized, I don't notice how tiny it is quite as much. Good lighting and the right colors are just as important.

I love how fresh, inspiring, and inviting white kitchens are. Add a mix of open shelves/glass paned cupboards with solid cupboards, a splash of bright color, a nice deep sink and plenty of counter space and there's nothing better!

Lemons and Limes are my food of choice when it comes to adding color to my kitchen. Green and yellow are such bold, fresh colors and I love the excitement they add to the kitchen.

These are a few of my favorites.

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