Kitchen = complete...

10:44 PM

...Or at least as much as it's going to be for a little while.  There are still a few thing that need to be done, but for now, it's wonderful!  Here are some before and after shots.  I have to say, I love the way it's turned out!  

(I have to admit, I forgot to take my before shots until after I started pulling off the wall paper - this wallpaper covered every wall in the kitchen/breakfast nook.) 

(I had to take some of these pictures at night, resulting in lighting that isn't the best, but it gets the job done.  I may go back and fix it later...)


Rather than buying ready-made curtains and the like, I decided to buy the perfect fabric and make them myself (pictures and tutorial coming up).  I also decided to make bench cushions in the breakfast nook.  Unfortunately, the fabric that we ordered hasn't come yet, so it looks like that will be a project for another time.  Also on the list for finishing touches, we still need a table for the breakfast nook, as well as new light fixture.  

The last thing on the list is the plate collage that's going to go on this wall.  I've been playing with some designs and I want some feedback.  Which one do you like best? 

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