Non-functioning Fireplaces

3:08 PM

I grew up with an old wood burning stove like this (although I don't remember ours being quite as pretty).  I still like the way they look, especially some of the newer styles.

However, I've always wanted a fireplace.  There's something so classic about a fireplace.  Just having one in the room makes everything a little bit more cozy.  (Roasting marshmallows is really easy in a fireplace as well!)  :)

So, what happens when you have a fireplace but you live in a climate that leaves snuggling up in front of a fireplace completely unnecessary?  Fill it with something else!

Real Simple

Greg Hatton - decor8

Country Homes & Interiors via House to Home

Good Housekeeping

Young House Love

Dave Coote - Apartment Therapy

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