Design Project - Bubble Chandelier

11:42 AM

One of the big things I'm doing here in Lviv is helping with the design and start-up of the first full-service laundromat in Ukraine - "Bubbles".  A laundromat might not sound too interesting, but this place is going to be amazing!  Hip yet classy with a cafe and everything!  Honestly, I wish we lived here so I could use it.  :)

We've been talking a lot about lighting.  Yes, Bubbles will have an industrial feel to it, but the idea is to warm it up while keeping it hip and modern.  I really love the feel of these photos.  It's very "bare-bones" but still warm and homey.  I especially love the incredibly ornate chandelier over the dining room table.

Because of the set-up here, lighting is rather tricky.  Good lighting is always important.  In fact, it can make or break a space!  Last night I came up with a design for a huge chandelier that will hang over the washers.  It's going to be a big focal point and I'm so excited.  It will consist of hundreds of blown-glass "bubbles" looking like they're floating up above the washing machines.  I've even managed to find a local glass artist that does amazing work.  We talked to them today and will be going back again this week to finalize all of the details!

Here's some inspiration for the chandelier.  For those of you back home, the Bubble Balls from CB2 are pretty awesome.  Great price and so versatile!  There are great tutorials for how to make some beautiful chandeliers.  Two that I'm in love with are here and here.  (Can't wait to make my own!)

More pictures coming soon!  

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