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On the way over to Ukraine, we stopped in Paris for 5 days.  This was my second trip to Paris and it's amazing how different things are when you have little kids!  The girls were such troupers though and did a lot of walking (especially for such tiny legs).

When we first got there it was really hot, but there were rainstorms every night that made things almost bearable.  It was a great trip - I just wish my husband had been there too!

Our internet connection was extremely limited, to say the least, so I'm finally getting around to posting highlight pictures of Paris.  Enjoy!  :)

Our apartment was just feet away from Notre Dame, so this was a daily sight for us.  Hearing the bells  was kind of fun as well.  

We ate at this restaurant - they only serve steak and fries!  

Of course, we visited the Eiffel Tower.... 

...and saw some interesting things...

Lunch in the courtyard of The Four Seasons with some of Meagan's family... and Roger Federer at the next table! 

We visited the Musee de l'Orangerie and saw the Monet murals (loved!) - they were absolutely stunning.

There were also some cute miniature rooms that were just darling!  (more on that here)

We had a girls' outing and visited the antiques market.  Unfortunately, a lot of it was closed, but we managed to see all sorts of incredible things and meet a darling old Frenchman.  (again, I'll do a whole post on the market later)

The flags are wrong, but this giant hand-beaded ship reminds me of one of my favorite stories: Peter Pan.

It was freezing when we visited Sacre Coeur, so we stopped for onion soup on the way to Moulin Rouge.

(French) Onion Soup anyone?  Delicious!

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