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4:50 AM

Are you familiar with this magazine?  Lonny is a free digital design magazine that I love.  I came across it late last year and it's been a fun resource.  The current July/August issue really caught my attention and I keep going back to it.  If you haven't done so already, you should really check it out!

Back in 2007 I studied for a semester in Vienna, Austria.  I love it dearly, and was really excited to see an article about Vienna in this issue.

Even more exiting was to see one of my favorite cafes - "phil" - featured in the article.  (I spent many an evening here that fall)

Also in this issue...

a great "Guy-Friendly Guide to Decorating" 

Fantastic floor pillows - made from African sarongs!  I'm hoping to do something similar with some of the great textiles here in Ukraine.

 And many beautiful rooms

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