Thanksgiving ideas to keep the kids busy

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Thanksgiving is almost upon us and whether you're having a huge gathering or something small and intimate, if there are kids involved you're probably trying to think of ways to keep them occupied and out of trouble while the adults are preparing food or sitting around talking after dinner.  I've gathered a handful of fun Thanksgiving crafts and activities to do just that.

This popcorn turkey centerpiece is so cute and a great way to keep kids entertained "carving" their own turkey.  And snacks certainly don't hurt either!  

How about a pilgrim theme?   A paper Mayflower acts as a centerpiece, with mini paper boats acting as place-cards.  Paper hats and bonnets or headdress napkin wraps adorn the table and let the kids play dress up while they wait (or during dinner). 

These turkey trivia cards are great to keep the older kids (or adults!) entertained.

Here's a fun game for kids to play while waiting.

Here's another fun idea - instead of setting out the usual butter dish, have the kids help make homemade butter!  It's super easy, delicious, and the kids will love it!  
Just clean out and decorate some baby food jars (ok, you don't even have to decorate them).  
Fill the jar a little over halfway with heavy whipping cream and a pinch of salt.  
Add a clean marble, put the lid on tight, and shake it up!

Ok, and if that isn't enough, this site has a good, brief history of the holiday for kids.  This site and this site have enough ideas for Thanksgiving crafts and activities to keep you busy until next year!

What do you do to keep the kids occupied during Thanksgiving dinner?

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