Thanksgiving Dinner Invitations: Pumpkin Pie Postcards

5:50 AM

November's here and it's time to start thinking about Thanksgiving.  Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year?  We typically get together with my husband's family and have a big potluck dinner.  This year though, is the first year that we have our own place AND we're not travelling for the holidays and I kind of want to host our own dinner with friends.  It's ok to do two, right?  :)

When it comes to planning a dinner party (especially something on the scale of Thanksgiving dinner), I find that writing out all the little details early on makes things run smoothly and keeps me from getting stressed out.  It also gives me time to notice anything I may have missed, so I'm not frantically rushing to the store at the last possible second.

The first step is getting the invitations out.  It doesn't matter how perfectly executed your dinner party is, if no one shows up!  I found this darling idea a while ago at and filed it away for the perfect opportunity, and I think this is it!  They look almost good enough to eat.  How fun would it be to get a piece of "pumpkin pie" in the mail?  These would also be fun to send to family that's far away - let them know you're thinking of them during the holidays.  (They have another fun idea for a slice of cake that would make a fun birthday card or party invitation as well)

I haven't tried it yet, but the tutorial looks straightforward and pretty simple.  It does take some time since there is a lot of drying involved though, so I'll have to get started soon if I'm going to get them out in time.

A few things to remember: these are like postcards - there's very little room on the back to write, and it's out and available for anyone to read.  Use discretion with what you write and don't put too much personal information out there.  You don't want some random person from the post office showing up to your Thanksgiving dinner!  :)  Mine will read something like: "Bring your ap'pie'tite and join us for Thanksgiving dinner  - the Nielsens."  Tell me if you decide to make this, and how it turns out!  I'd love to know how it goes.  And feel free to use my cheesy one-liner.  :)

(Click on the images to go to the tutorial.)

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