Day 12 - Oreos a la Leche (Guest Post)

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It's the last day of the 12 Days of Cookies and I'm doing something a little different. My husband, Ben, keeps asking to do a guest post for this. So without further ado, here he is!

It's the holidays. There is nothing better than making cookies during the holidays. Except for maybe writing blog posts for your wife's awesome blog as a guest writer! Seriously though, I almost ran out of things to write about after my quippy intro just there, but I think I can pull through and provide some cogent banter to make up for the lack of my wife's wonderful literary talents.

Speaking of my wonderful wife, let me tell you about her commitment to her 12 Days of Cookies. She has taken on this task every single year for the last few years, and has created an incredible array of baked goods that have personally contributed to at least two torn pants and a popped seem. I LOVE this time of year, for a lot of reasons, but one of those reasons is because the smell of those cookies fills the room and the taste is (usually) incomparable to anything store bought.

In sum, I love this time of year because of my wife. She makes the holiday season into what it is. Without her I would probably be alone, in a plain, boring room eating store bought crap that was designed to last for eternity (shout out to that Ramen!). So, a college student, really.

Because of all she does for me and our two "feral" boys, I really thought she deserved a break from the stress and sacrifice of putting out these incredible recipes day in and day out. Therefore, I present to you my recipe for a tasty cookie treat that may or may not tickle your fancy, but will definitely take some of the pressure off of my wife and maybe make her smile. And what other goal in life would I ever have than making the love of my life smile as often as possible?

Here it is:

Oreo a la Leche

  • 1 or 2 sleeves of Oreos
  • (okay, 1 sleeve of Oreos so your significant other doesn't get mad at you)
  • 1 glass of milk (whole milk preferred, 1% is minimally acceptable, skim milk is not meant for this kind of consumption or any human consumption really)
  • 1 spoon, of a bigger size but not like a serving spoon, (have some semblance of self control, dang it!)

Preheat your Netflix to something enjoyable, say like a nice hallmark Christmas movie, or a tv show, Daredevil, or Parks and Rec. Keep it light and airy.

Place Oreos in an empty cup or mug, the bigger the better. I've been known to get 9 whole Oreos into the cup.

Pour milk over the Oreos until all cookies are covered and drowning in the sweet creamy goodness of your whole milk.

Grab a spoon and treat yo self to a roller coaster ride of chocolatey cream filled decadence, soaked through with milky goodness that even Tom Haverford would approve of. Makes half a serving, so go ahead and add another sleeve of cookies...

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