Float Away: Bubble Chandelier

6:33 PM

The past couple months have been quite a blur.  During the fall semester, I decided to take some design classes that kept me thoroughly busy and allowed me to work on some pretty fun and exciting projects (more on that next time).  On a quick trip to Utah for my Gramma’s funeral I got some fantastic news.

Some of you, dear readers, will remember the project that I was working on this summer – Bubbles Laundromat in Lviv, Ukraine.  Because of some [major] setbacks, when I came back home, they were still waiting to open the store.  In fact, there was still so much construction to be done, that the only thing that I saw of my bubble chandelier was the prototype bubble.  Well, it finally happened – everything’s finished and the Laundromat is open.  (check out the blog and website)  And let me just say – the chandelier looks amazing!   Kudos to Benj for putting the whole thing together.  Sorry I couldn’t be there to help out!  It looks even more incredible than I expected – and I’m not the only one who thinks so.

For the big Opening Day celebration the local and national news crews came.  (The first self-serve Laundromat in Ukraine is a pretty big deal.)  And guess what – my bubble chandelier has been nominated for the Top 10 things to see in Lviv list! 

So if you’re ever in Ukraine (which I would highly recommend) be sure to stop by Bubbles to get your clothes washed and dried and check out my bubble chandelier!

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