How to: Thanksgiving (Part 1) Your Guide to Hosting the Ultimate Thanksgiving

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Be sure to check out the rest of my "How to: Thanksgiving" series here! 

It's officially November and, besides the mild panic that usually starts to set in about now as I realize just how fast this year has flown by, we are deeply entrenched in the Holiday Season.

As you're coming down off your Halloween-induced sugar coma, let me remind you that Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks from yesterday! You might think that you have plenty of time to get ready, with three whole weeks, but remember what I said about the year flying by!  Thanksgiving is going to be here before you know it!

This year, I *finally* get to host a full Thanksgiving dinner at my house.  (We've definitely got the space now, with our new Farmhouse Dining Table!)  I know that sounds crazy, but I've been dreaming of this for years!  For those of you hosting this year, or if you're just having a quiet dinner at home, now is the time to start getting ready.  I've gathered a handful of great infographics that map out your planning to make it as easy and painless as possible.

Find out how to plan out the rest of the month to make your Thanksgiving dinner run smoothly, how much food to make, when to start cooking different dishes the day of, how to carve a turkey, and so much more!

I'll also be sharing menu ideas, recipes to try, decorations, and crafts to keep the kids busy, so be sure to check back all this month!

Thanksgiving leftovers are wonderful (and I'll be sharing a few fun recipes for using up all your leftovers), but too much food that just goes to waste is never good.  And not having enough would be catastrophic!  Remember, this list shows servings per person, so just multiply by however many people you have coming.  

The Turkey: How much do you need?  How long will it take to thaw?  Brining? Basting? Roasting stuffed or not?  This one has all your answers.  

When to prep and cook everything the day of.  This way everything is warm and ready to eat at the same time.  No more waiting until 9pm because you didn't start the turkey early enough, or cold mashed potatoes that have been ready since 10 am!

Need to know how to carve a turkey?  I find video tutorials to be so much easier to follow than pictures.  Here's one from one of my childhood heroes - Alton Brown.  :)

And another for good measure.  This is a good list of "other" things that may be easy to overlook in the rush of planning everything.  

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